Work I Traded for at Lattice Structures, Kansas City

The following brief gallery highlights the outstanding crystalline-glazed artwork that I traded for while attending the "Lattice Structures" exhibition and symposium in Kansas City, Missouri, September 2 - 4, 2005. I traded pieces with Terry Fallon, Xavier Gonzalez, Paul Lorber, Fara Shimbo, and John Tilton. The gallery is arranged in reverse alphabetical order.

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John Tilton

Ornament, 5-1/2 x 2-1/4"

Note the multiple halos, and the incredible size and irregular edge of the outer metallic black halo.

Fara Shimbo

Cat, 8-1/4 x 2 x 2-3/4"

I could not capture the beauty of this piece with just one photograph.
The glaze is colored with silver powder, end must be reduced to get this effect which Fara calls "Faux Favrile." I have seen the Tiffany Favrile collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and it looks exactly like this.
Note the rainbow iridescence. There are just a few small crystals, but I believe that they are pure silver metal. The piece has an incredible velvet finish that makes you want to hold it. Even the pinholes, which are tiny and delicate add to the appeal of this cat.

Paul Lorber

Vase, 4-1/2" dia. x 6-3/4"

This piece includes silver metal powder as a colorant, and is reduced.
There is a tremendous range of crystal shapes, types and colors.
Paul is a professional crystallier, and although not an exhibitor at Lattice Structures, he could have been.

Xavier Gonzalez

Mug, 4-3/4 x 3-1/4 x 4-3/4"

Sweet. No need for sugar.


Terry Fallon

Vase, 5" dia. x 7-1/4"

Vast range of unusual colors and large fields of secondary crystals.
Terry owns and runs a successful business and creates crystalline glazed porcelain as one of many hobbies. With work like this he should be a professional crystallier.

Here are more works from my collection that were created by Lattice Structures artists and attaendees. I had previously traded with Frank Neef and Ronalee Herrmann & Alfred Stolken; the Bevan Norkin piece was acquired through ebay. The Peter Ilsley vase was purchased at the Exhibition in The Netherlands.

Ronalee Herrmann
& Alfred Stolken

Vase, 5-1/2" dia. x 14"

Holly McKeen

Vase, 2-3/4" dia. x 9-1/2"

Peter Ilsley

Vase, 2-3/4" dia. x 6-1/4"

Frank Neef

Vase, 4" dia. x 4-1/2"

Jan Anthony

Ornament, 3" dia. x 3-1/3"

Bevan Norkin

Vase, 6" dia. x 4-1/2"

William Melstrom

Ovoid vase, 3-1/4" dia. x 2-3/4"